Sunday, May 13, 2012

What is Entertaining about Death?

    Many people will flock to the movies to see the most depraved, demented, degenerate, and psychotic subject matter and they call it "entertainment."  This is not entertainment. It is the mental and spiritual version of a nuclear blast, and it is intended to destroy all the discernment between good and evil, right and wrong, and between love and hate.  It is intended to reduce mankind into a shell of the existence that God intended for man.  God wanted us to have good lives, raise families, and enjoy the earth the way he created it.  Satanists what just the opposite.  Evil people what us all to be miserable, and the way they get that accomplished is to break down a man's sense of morality.  They will mock his goodness and encourage the evil.
     I have been commenting and contributing articles on Henry Makow's website for about five months.  Today he ran an article called: Society's Double Standard on Depravity and it is my opinion that this is one of his better efforts.  I'm not going to go through what Henry has already said but I want to talk about possible solutions.
     I think it is time to completely shut down soft porn, hard porn, and the rest of "adult" entertainment.  If there was ever a more effective way than to ruin the morals of men, women, and children porn in any degree is extremely destructive.  Porn is not entertainment.  Porn hijacks a person's mind and puts it into an almost irreversible depression.  Porn is like the bullet that goes through a man's body-- destroying all the body parts essential for healthy living.  There is no limit to evil, the whole thing needs to be shut down.  Hollywood, and any kind of entertainment that glorifies death, unlawful sex, violence, and child abuse.  The movie industry is good for nothing.  It distorts the mind with their fairy tales (you can take that either way) and it does nothing good.  Hollywood's slogan should be:  Be all that you can be; be a pervert.  The pain and the suffering inflicted upon mankind is self-evident.
     Now when I say shut it down, I'm not necessarily talking about the government doing it, because they are just as evil as the film makers.  To expect the government to shut down that which supports it would be ludicrous.  But what I recommend, is that if you do not approve of these movies, I say boycott the bastards.  You money is your real ballot power for change.  I think that using this method is much more effective and it can get relatively quick results.
     Some of the major networks have attachments to the porn industry.  This is where we all can make a big difference.  If we know who to avoid, then we can be extremely effective in applying our resources to companies who do not support pornography.  During various periods of the early Roman Empire, the theater was not allowed because it was too offensive and tended to pollute society in general.  Even the pagans knew what was right and what was wrong.  But today, we have been utterly devastated just as if someone dropped a nuclear bomb on one of our cities.  But in this case it
is the porno bomb.
     A good example of what a person can do is to look at HBO, who has made one of the most perverse shows involving small children.  How many of you still have HBO?  Go to the link here.  They are promoting blatant child abuse.  So if any of you have this service in your home, then you are contributing to the problem.  I suggest that you cancel the service and help to shut it down.  Forget about the letters to the Congressman or the FTC.  The executives at HBO should be in jail for child endangerment or abuse, and not too many people have covered this issue.  However, Home Box Office is a division of Time-Warner which has depicted a woman breast-feeding a three year old child, under the cover of "extended breastfeeding."  The intent here, in my opinion, is to promote sexual child abuse and not "extended breastfeeding."  Judging from the woman's face in the photo,
that is one cold psycho.    So stop buying their products.  That is the only way to make it stop.  If the magazine offends you, just cancel the subscription, don't buy from Time-Warner.  In addition to cutting their funding, you can save a bunch of money.
     What is the purpose of the media promoting child abuse?  This is simple.  They've got most of the country thinking it's normal to be a homosexual, so now they are coming after our children.  So if you and I continue to buy from these jerks, we are sowing the seeds for our own destruction.  Stop feeding your enemy.  They are intentionally destroying mankind, that is their purpose.
     Watching the depiction of someone die or being raped is not entertainment.  What is doing is provoking those very things that they show in the films.  This is the Hollywood death culture.  They are destroying our children and I think that everyone should avoid all of these films.  They depress the mind.  What is entertaining about death?  What is entertaining about murder? What is entertaining about watching sexual acts?  I think all of us should start raising our moral standards to that which is acceptable to God.  Most of us know the commandments, so use them.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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  1. You can boycott some of the hotel chains like Marriott that offer pay-per-view porn channels. Without them, they'd lose a lot of money and would have to lay off some employees.

    This implies that those employees are indirectly profiting from porn, too.

    In a way, we all are. Ditto for drugs. Think about it. Nearly a hundred billion dollar spent watching other people have sex. Hundreds of billions spent on getting high. All that money has to come from somewhere and it has to go somewhere, too.

    I've read the illegal drug trade is what's floating people's pension funds. A lot of big banks launder this money. The government profits from this both ways, by both promotion drugs, sex and death and then incarceration those who take the bait. It's a win-win for them.

    In a way, we all eat the bread of iniquity and to avoid doing so would mean unplugging from the system as best you can.