Friday, May 4, 2012

Money Talks

     When it comes to any type of economy, money is what makes it all happen because people work to earn money so that they can purchase the things they need for themselves and their families.  So, too,  corporations try to make as much money as they can to make a profit and satisfy their stockholders.   Money and profit are the measures of the success or failure of any company.
       A socialist, in the real world, is a drag on any economy.  Their economic system doesn't work, it has never worked, and the socialist system is a complete failure.  So why do socialists what to establish such an economic system?
     There are two reasons: 1. a worldly reason, and 2. a spiritual reason.
     Most socialists know perfectly well their economic system does not inspire work and productivity.  By attempting to make the producers feel guilty, the socialist is just a lazy slug or thug, who really doesn't want to work.  But he wants the money and the power without working for it.  The socialist depends on upon the producers using a completely different economic system in order to support their own.  Socialism is simply a tool by which to steal other people's money.  They will use the power of government to serve their own purposes and use the government to establish their own stupid agendas.
    The spiritual purpose for socialism is to offend God and to destroy mankind.  Most people just want to work, take care of themselves and their families, and be left alone.  However, the socialist isn't happy engaging in his own socialism, he has to start pushing his agenda upon others in order to get his own way, and steal from the producers.  Men cannot properly function under socialism because it is a system of slavery and depravity.  Slavery, because they tie the producer's hands through outrageously high taxes and "government" regulations, and depravity because they push the homosexual, death culture, and entitlement mentality agenda upon others.  They do everything they can to destroy the minds and spirits of children through blatant child abuse in the public school system, through promoting homosexual ideas.
     There's no end to knowing about the stupidity of socialists, but how do we get out from under the idiots?  It is obvious, especially with the upcoming election of 2012, that there is not much difference between the candidates and that nothing will really be solved because the government is an integral part of the problem.
     Most socialists are unproductive and destructive people, which means that they cannot do very much on their own if they stay with the mindset of the socialist.  This means that they aren't as powerful as everyone thinks.  If they had to go out and get any job in a market economy, they would not do well unless they changed their thinking.  People in the federal government don't have much in the way of skill sets unless being a government thug is a skill.  Who would hire these slugs in their own businesses?  They are utterly worthless and they have to feed off of other people's work.
     So how do we get these jerks out of our lives?  Do not feed them, do not buy from their corporations, and don't listen to anything that they have to say, because all you are going to hear is nonsense.  Be more active in economic boycotts.  Those boycotts work.  Whether a corporation likes it or not, they don't really operate on socialism; they need capitalism to make money and a socialist will always use the free market to advance their cause because they have to.  They have to because the natural law of economics always will favor a market economy, socialism can never overcome it.
It can never overcome it because it produces nothing good that people want.
     What I try to do now is to be more careful with whom I do business.  I don't buy from various companies anymore because of their support of the homosexual agenda.  I don't buy from JC Penny's because Ellen Degenerate is their spokesperson.  I don't get mad, I just get ahead.  The economic power is in the money, I don't spend money at JC Penny's.  So when I have a choice, I spend money with companies that do not offend my sense of morality.  And I figure that conservatives and people who believe in God are about 75 to 85% of the market, it wouldn't take much to bring these companies down to their knees.  But if people object and then continue to buy from them, they really have no reason to complain.
     An example of the market economy is the incident with Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut because she advocated using public funds to purchase contraceptives for college students.  The liberal media got all in a tizzy, and they tried to get the sponsors of his show to withdraw their support.  Two notable sponsors were Sherri's Berries and Sleep Train.  Both of these companies withdrew their support and their sales went down the toilet.  They begged Limbaugh for their advertising spaces back and Limbaugh refused to take them back.  This is an example that the real power lies with the conservative mindset and not with the socialist suckers.  (Note: Sherri's Berries appears to have been able to get on as a sponsor of the radio show of Michael Savage who is  more conservative than Rush Limbaugh.)  Sherri's Berries appears to be compromising their own liberal position for increasing their sales.  Left-leaning business executives will practice a free market economy when it suits their needs.
     In conclusion, the socialist-liberal-fascist-communist-progressive is a loser.  He is generous with other people's money, and he enjoys making other people miserable.  The only way for society to recover from these creeps is to not cooperate.  Do not buy from their companies and do not send your children to their psychotic schools.   Be more careful with whom you spend your money, and maybe we can get rid of the socialists by letting them starve themselves out of existence.  Remember, a socialists need producers for their existence; stop feeding them.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. Guy Reid-BrownMay 08, 2012

    Perfectly straightforward as usual - Socialists exist on subsidy and if their subsidies are cut off they Change or Die. They are, as we all know by now, incapable of learning by experience or changing or growing or adapting in anyway whatsoever regardless of vast and painfully obvious changes in external circumstances – being intellectually lazy and incapable of Original Thought, they can't even be bothered to square all that with their ideological adherence to Darwinism (Adapt or Die) and these genii have now decided in France, Germany and Greece that austerity measures are 'unacceptable'. Yep - in the insanely subjective fantasy world measures can be simultaneously necessary but unacceptable. Although they are dragging us all down with their surreal stupidity (I would say it was beyond satire, but in my country – the UK – the establishment satirists all cleave to the insane ideology anyway) I suppose a Sense of Humour about it all is still an option?