Thursday, May 24, 2012

How To Punk a Socialist

     Many people look at socialists, communists, liberals, progressives, and other miscreants, and they don't understand just how much fun a person can have with them.  I'm not sure if I thought this up myself, or I may have learned in from someone else, either way, punking a socialist can be a great way of getting some free entertainment, and may also be a tool to convert socialists back to a free market economy.
     When I was in prison, most of the black guys were for Obama when he was running for president.  Some of these guys I knew were more conservative, but when I confronted them about Obama being socialist, they just didn't care--they wanted Obama to win no matter what the cost was to the country.  The reason they gave was because Obama is black.  I would call them racists and we would argue over that.  Now, I like to stir the stuff just for my amusement because I enjoy a good argument and there's not much to do in prison.
     One afternoon, I decided I had just had enough of this Obama crap and there were a bunch of black guys playing cards and there was an empty seat at the table, so I sat down. There was one man playing cards who I found very annoying with is love for Obozo.  Here's how you can punk a socialist:

Me:  How much money do you have in your account?
Him: $150.00   Why?
Me:  Give me half..I need it
Him: What do you need it for?
Me:  I want to  pass it around to people I like.
Him: I worked for that money!
Me:   Yeah, but I need it and you should pay your fair share.
Him:  F...Y. Thompson, I ain't givin' you any of my money.
Me:   You cheap communist!  You'll have $75 left, and giving me the other $75.00 is your patriotic duty.  Besides, you'll be paying your fair share.  Let's sing the Star Spangled Banner together shall we...?
Him: What do you mean....fair share?
Me:   Your fair share means that I want it and you have to pay it ....And if you don't pay it, I'll call the po-po on you.  They'll take the $75 and then take another $75 for interest and penalties.
Him:  (Starting to go berserk)  I ain't givin' you Nuthin' you M..... F....
Me:  What?  I thought you were a good socialist? (Now the rest of the guys realized what I just did to him.)  If you love Obama so much, and since Obama is a socialist, I figured you would like to have your money taken from you...homie.
Him:  Don't call me homie.
Me:  OK,

     This isn't the exact exchange, but what was funny is the fact that he took me seriously when I started the conversation.  Since I'm a senior citizen, I didn't get my ass beat but I was pushing it.  It is very true that socialists don't like to be taxed when it is their money.  And it goes to show that even socialists aren't really socialists when the adverse consequences of the economic idiocy affect them.  Look at "tax cheat" Timothy Geithner.  The only reason these guys were voting for Obozo was because he is black.  However, the argument could be made that he is white because his mother is white.  Obama is the first white president who claimed to be black; now that's making history.
     Either way, the race is not the issue.  No one can do anything about what race they happen to be, but being a socialist is a self-inflicted and chronic mental disorder.  A socialist is a parasite and he feeds off of the producers.   Socialism for any country is the self-inflicted failure.  Even the so-called "elites" lose because their policies are so destructive.  In the above example, the socialist got punked because the whole idea of that philosophy is ridden with complete stupidity. He didn't want to walk the talk.
He was all show and no go.
    Remember, the income tax is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto and that most nations of the world are functional socialists or communists.  All have varying degrees of style, but the substance is the same.  But socialists do not like having their money stolen anymore that normal people do, and this is why they always run out of other peoples' money.

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  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2012

    Let's take a hypothetical story (this principle occurs in business all the time) London Co is a large steel mill. They have been in business for 500 years and are filthy rich.

    Boston Co. gets a bunch of investors and build a new steel mill with all the latest equipment. London Co. keeps any eye on them and learns how much Boston Co precise costs are. Boston Co starts to do very well. London Co. has lots of money and lowers the price of steel below production costs. Boston Co. can't survive. London Co. comes in and buys Boston Co. for pennies on the dollar. Then they cut the worker's wages to 1/4 and tell them be grateful they have a job.

    Radical "free markets" is one of the main causes of the American Revolution. "Free markets" are not fair markets, and in the end the winner will always be the most ruthless SOB on this planet. Free markets build businesses so powerful that they influence and take over governments. This is in essence FASCISM. This is were we stand today. Banksters have (through congress) taxed us beyond our ability in order to bail out their idiocy.

    This is why Ron Paul's policies will utterly fail. He is in essence a fascist and so is Austrian economics. But then explaining this to Paul supporters is like Lincoln trying to reason with a southern plantation owner.

    American system economics placed tariffs to protect our physical productive capacities from raiders like London Co. They also had inheritance laws designed solely for the rich to prevent and break up monstrosities such as Du Pont, Dulles, Bush, Monsanto, Bunge, ADM, Cargil, Pillsbury and give the small man opportunities to safely start up new enterprises.

    Here is a case in point, this happened to some friends of mine. They went into the mushroom farming business. Montery Mushooms then (its the biggest agricultural producer profit wise in California. Montery Mushrooms cut the costs below production for 2 years and they bankrupted virtually every mushroom producer in the western USA.

    Now they have doubled the prices and are sitting very pretty and we the consumers are shafted.

    I truly hate it when I hear the term "free markets" and idiotic Rand and Ron Paul followers spouting their sophistry. (Ron Paul is not pushing this out of ignorance)

    Stephen Coleman

    1. So, Stephen.. How much money do you have in your account??