Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Not Human: Part 2

I ran across an article by Bob Unruh of Worldnet Daily regarding a Christian woman's "fear of the beast."  She believes that the use of biometrics is a precursor to the 666 in the hand or on the forehead.  (The link to the article is at the bottom.)  She objected to the taking of the photo and it was eventually ruled that she is a "non-person."  The problem here is that she lost her case in a summary judgment and she was unable to renew her license.  The legal system is a morally corrupted process by which few people can get any remedy.  Lawyers are deceitful and expensive and they have their own system which is confusing to the normal man or woman.  And in order to understand the legal process a man must know the definitions of each particular section of the "code" in order to have some kind of knowledge of the proceedings.  In this case, the court ruled without any testimony and only documents.  And they did this for a good reason, they were covering their collective asses as to the true nature of the legal system.  This lady inadvertently stumbled on an extremely thorny issue.  Actually, she should be happy that she is a non-person because a person is essentially a slave and not a man. But that makes it difficult to operate in the modern world which keeps demanding ID for the most normal activities such as renting a hotel room, opening a bank account, and writing checks.

The authority of the state
     Few people will challenge the authority of the state but government as we know it has been a curse to mankind.  And part of the reason these so-called laws are difficult to deal with is because people don't really understand what they say.  The easiest way to defend yourself is to simply ask:  What facts do you have that show these codes apply to me?  Surprisingly, they will never provide facts that the codes apply but they have no problem giving you their opinions.  I could write a separate article on that alone, but I want to use this example to show how the codes are worthless pieces of trash which are good for nothing. The facts show that the government operates as a private corporation called the United States and the codes are merely company policy.  It is not a government like we all learned in school.  All of the government agencies and departments are all private companies.  They operate under the force of arms: conquest and confiscation.

Definition of person
     The normal man will interpret the word person as a man, woman, or child.  And since this case was in Oklahoma, I looked up the definition of the word "person" and it states: "Every natural person, firm, copartnership, association or corporation." Title 47 Motor Vehicles Section 1-144 Person  Most people will assume that "natural person" means a man, woman, or child.  However, the meaning is quite different.
Black's Law Dictionary Revised 4th Edition
 In Black's Law Dictionary 4th Revised Edition, the word natural person is defined as a "human being." There can also be artificial definitions such as associations or corporations.  The problem arises in that the word "human" does not include a man, woman, or child as defined by the natural law or as God created it.  The word human includes the definition of a "bipedal primate mammal."  Or better stated a monkey.  Since the state considers the people animals, these animals must have licenses and ID tags in order to do normal business.  In other words, the state is like a slave trading organization.  There's no freedom in any of this and the problem is that hardly any of us have ever taken the time to read the forms that we sign.  We sign our driver's license applications under the penalties of perjury and perjury is lying under oath.  So, in my view, the oath is a bigger problem than the biometrics.  Once the application is signed, the applicant is saying that he is a "human being" and an animal instead of a man.  In this case, oath taking is also a violation of the doctrine of Jesus Christ which I have covered in Part 1.  Here real objection should be to the swearing of the oath.  Oath taking is a ticket to hell and almost everyone does it. It isn't necessary unless a man wants to swear his loyalty to Satan or Lucifer.

Is man really an animal?
     This may be one reason the school systems teach the children that they are merely animals.  The idea of evolution is so absurd that I can hardly believe that anyone would believe in it.  But there is a purpose to this.  The Talmudic Jews think that gentiles are nothing more than animals.  And since communism is a product of the Satanic Judaism, it only makes sense that these morons will indoctrinate the children to make them good little slaves.  What I'm seeing here is the consistent Satanic doctrine running through the whole governmental system and it is evil to the core.  It's no wonder that sexual abuse and trafficking are so rampant and the "government" does little to stop it.

The legal system is corrupted beyond words
     I have been through the various court systems and they are crooked.  The judges wear the black robes for a good reason.  The black robe is to warn you that you are going to get fornicated and go through a Satanic proceeding.  While I sympathize with this lady for not wanting to take the "mark of the beast," I think the real problem here is oath taking.  I recommend that she doesn't sign anything "under the penalties of perjury" because she is suggesting that she is under oath.  If the gospels are to be believed, then oath taking is forbidden by Christians.  So either these people are completely ignorant of the problem or the Christian religion is pagan.  Either way, this is a major problem which I have written about for years.
     As world history unfolds, it seems to me that the United States and Israel are joined at the hip.  The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church appear to be Judaism for gentiles.  The government and religious leaders consider all men, women, and children as animals and this is why these leaders act like idiots.
     Refusing the taking of oaths is a very simple way to keep your life peaceful and within the natural order which God created.  No man should ever swear an oath.

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