Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump Doesn't Owe Any Income Tax

     One of the worst newspapers in American history is the New York Times.  Today, I read how this used-Kotex of a news organization illegally obtained the income tax returns of Donald Trump's income tax returns from 1995.  The NYT is more of an arm of the federal government than a private corporation or a news organization interested in the issues of the day.  The NYT is only interested in promoting communism all over the world and especially in the geographic area called the United States.  I have been on the receiving end of the NYT back in 2001 when I was a part of the "tax honesty" movement.  What we found out was that no one in the United States owes the income tax.  The income tax is the biggest financial scams ever put on mankind courtesy of Karl Marx and the Communist Jews.  Donald Trump is just another victim of this hideous tax that no one owes.  And I'll recap the reasons why this tax is insane as it is evil.  Remember, neither Trump nor anyone else owes income tax which is nothing more than a communist Jew tax.

Income tax is stealing
    In observing the natural law, it is obvious that when a man works he is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor.  If a man has to pay a tax on any of his labor or business efforts, he is a slave.  I remember the NYT reporter who came to my business back in 2001 called the regular people who worked: "wage slaves."  A better way of putting it is that people who work for wages are wage niggers.  Income tax violates the 8th Amendment of the so-called "Constitution."  The end result of all income taxes is that the man who pays it is a slave--a wage nigger.

Income tax was repealed in 1939
     Even if the income tax applied to everyone, the fact remains that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939 at 53 Stat 1.  That is a fact that even surprised the people in the "tax honesty" movement.  A friend of mine found the statute in an old IRS handbook from an agent who had passed away.  After checking it out in the Statutes at Large, it is easy to see that all of these internal revenue laws were repealed.  But again, the income tax goes against God's natural law in that no man should ever be paying a tax on his own labor.  A man has no choice but to work in order to support himself and his family, and this tax is stealing.

Trump exposed by 1995 returns
     This is another example of how an income tax return can be used against someone who becomes a target of the govtard NYT.  They are using his returns as a political weapon and the facts show that neither Trump nor anyone else owes any income tax for any reason.  And just like Hillary Clinton, whoever stole these returns will not go to jail. I'll make an educated guess that the Clintards got these returns directly from the IRS and then gave it to the reporters. Therefore, there is no point in much of this since the income tax was repealed.  I've been repeating myself for over 15 years and no one seems to get it. The income tax is a fraud.  I'm sure Trump knows this, but like everyone else, he's afraid of confronting them and losing his property.

     The New York Times is a grand piece of shit that no one should read.  They continually lie in order to get the political outcome that they want.  They are as the pimps and whores in the gutter with maggots in their crotches.  The facts show that the internal revenue codes were abolished in 1939.  What Trump needs to do if he becomes President is to sue the shit out of the New York Times for slander and abolish the collection of the income tax, as the income tax was abolished by Congress many years ago.

Message to conservatives

     It is really annoying to watch "conservative" groups not even acknowledge the repeal of the income tax.  They are what's known now as cuckservatives.  As a famous actor said: "They are the pussy generation."  So, all of you conservative pussies continue to bury your heads in the sand by not calling out this grand evil of the income tax which is part of the Satanic Communist Manifesto.  You sit on your fat asses and watch the whole nation descend into the chaos of communism and do absolutely nothing to make a change.  The income tax is a forced interest payment on the phony debt of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The evil is the idea of any man who works for a living must pay an income tax.  He has to pay a tax for merely existing.  I find you conservatives more disgusting than the libtard-communist bitches.  The reason is that you should know better but you refuse to correct a major problem.  I haven't heard of even one news organization report of this so they aren't any better than the MSM.  That's because all of the conservatives are political pussies.

Tax Cheat Sentenced to 
Notice that it didn't matter to the NYT that there were no income tax laws that imposed a liability or that were applicable to anyone.  By putting people in jail for income tax evasion is the same as kidnapping and assault.  I couldn't do anything but God will punish them all.

IRS: Collecting the Communist Slave Tax
Internal Revenue Laws Repealed in 1939

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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