Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fornication's Satanic Stupor

      One of the biggest problems in today's culture is the stupor that fornication can inflict upon a man.  We've recently seen a very public example of it with Donald Trump's outlandish remarks that were secretly recorded over 10 years ago  Trump is not the only man who has been caught up in this stupor.  Just about every man that I know, along with myself, has always been tempted to commit adultery or fornication.  I call this thinking with the wrong head or the attack of the hairy clam.  Once a man is overcome by the stupor inflicted by fornication or adultery, he'll do almost anything to complete the act.  The main problem as I see it is that most men don't see it as a problem.  To them, it is just "locker room talk."  But the act of fornication should be understood as something that is evil and destructive.  So, it is a problem that should be avoided and can be done with a little self-control.
    By observing the natural order, we can see that the urge to have sex is very strong and it doesn't take much to get the fires burning.  While God made this instinct in mankind, the Evil One will use it against us if we give into these urges outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.
     The natural order also shows us that sex is the way mankind reproduces himself. We can also observe that the children should have a mother and a father.  And that the child should be growing up living with both natural parents under their marriage.  Anything else is unnatural and will always produce bad results.  The idea here is to keep sexual activity under its proper context and that is between a man and a woman under the authority of a marriage.  There's no other option that will produce good results.
     Fornication destroys the proper context of sex. It produces so many problems that it would take me hours and hours to list them all in this article.  But one of the major problems is that people do not like to share their husbands and wives with other people.  There is a spiritual bond that comes along with the marriage and the sex that cannot tolerate the idea of multiple partners.  When a man fornicates, he is destroying the proper relationship that he has with his wife. If he is not married, he destroys the relationship he has with his woman because these relationships don't work out.   If his wife goes out and cheats on him, the same problem arises.  The natural order of life on earth cannot tolerate the multiple partner idea.  Adultery and fornication are the most destructive forces in society today.  They can also produce bad physical consequences such as STDs.
     Men and women, in modern times, have been over-sexualized because of the various media, especially the movies.  What happens to them is that the idea of the acceptability of fornication becomes tolerable when it should not.  Fornication is like a gradual stupor that destroys good judgment.  Whether talking about it as in the Trump example or actually doing it.  What is not understood by men is that the thoughts about fornication get the stupor going and then the plotting begins to get the evil deed accomplished.  The stupor of evil will continue until the man takes direct action to oppose the evil or the evil stupor.  So then, the "locker room talk" starts the ball rolling and it gets the man in the evil stupor.  In the case of Trump, he was embarrassed on a national level and it embarrassed his family.  Nothing good came from even the talk of fornication.  However, most men have this problem because they do nothing to avoid it.
     Fornication and adultery come from the Devil.  And falling into the trap of fornication is easy if a man isn't careful.  My warning is when I start feeling the urge to fornicate, there is a spiritual or mental stupor that can overcome anyone who isn't aware of it.  However, once a person can break the stupor, the evil is destroyed and can have no effect on the man.  This idea of a stupor can also be applied to other problems such as murder, theft, oath-taking, and idolatry.
     In the case of fornication, I simply tell women who are interested in dating me that I don't have sex until marriage.  This one thing usually destroys all interest of most women, but not all.  By continually being aware of the danger of fornication, I always try to make sure I keep myself away from those bad influences.
     Generally, it appears that the Satanic stupor is always associated with a violation of the natural law.  This is why it is important to always be aware that the natural laws are the anchors for mankind to achieve a happy life.  We are all born with the knowledge of right and wrong, but we have been confused by the various religions and styles of government.  In my opinion, religion and government are a curse to mankind and that they will never deliver peace and happiness.  The governments encourage fornication because it weakens the population and the natural social order.  Instead of telling young people to abstain from sex, they suggest that they use condoms.  Thus, the young people leave themselves wide open for the bad results that fornication brings.  I've seen this go on over and over again.
     Breaking the stupor is the first defense against fornication.  I found that it is important to either think or speak out loud the commandments that conform to the natural law whenever I am tempted to break one of them.  The evil will always try to deploy a stupor to weaken the man and the first thing to realize is that this stupor exists.  Once you know what is being used against you, then you can take steps to counteract the evil.  Evil is always chosen by mankind.  Evil happens because a man somewhere chose to use it.  Whether it is a government or a religious leader, the evil is chosen.
     Understanding the Satanic stupor is an important step in learning to fight against it.  Once I realized what was happening to me, I was better able to fight against it.  The Satanic stupor is always associated with a lie of any kind.  The stupor helps a man to accept that which is unacceptable within the natural order.  This is extremely important to understand.  Think of it this way: fornication and adultery is like communism and socialism; they never produce good results.

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