Monday, April 11, 2016

To the Republican Party: "You've Had It, You're Done, You're Toast

     It has been reported that Ted Cruz took all of the Colorado delegates without the party members voting.  This may be a result of some kind of slimy rulemaking that only demented lawyers and party hacks could understand.
     A frustrated party member and I think a delegate was denied the opportunity to vote and as a result, he burns his Republican registration form.  In this case, to this gentleman,  I can honestly say: "I feel your pain."

     I ran for Congress back in 2002 as a Republican and I have never before seen such nonsense.  I was virtually shut out of any news coverage and I never made it past the primary.  What is interesting is that I was pointing to  the closing of factories due to NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. Back in 2002 the job loss was horrific.  There was one big paper factory that was closed that employed 3000 people.  The video I made showed me standing in the huge empty parking lot pointing to the job loss as a result of my opponent's vote for NAFTA.  Although I won the Northern California Republican Assembly's endorsement, I was told by associates this encouraging remark: "You cannot win." I was told over and over again: "you cannot win" yet people were responsive to my speeches.  If there was anything in my life I had wished I had never done, running for political office had to be one of them.  In fact, once the election was over, I withdrew my voter registration.  I would have burned it too but I hadn't thought of it.
     So I was a life-long Republican too but now I don't vote and I think of the government as an unnecessary evil.  The government is based upon oath-taking which puts a curse on the whole process.  In my opinion, even the best intentions will never prevail because the government is structurally evil.  This is why they cheat.  I felt that I was naive in thinking that elections are going to be a fair debate of ideas and the best one is going to win.
     The big thing that people need to understand about voting is that the political class does not give a shit about the people.  They could care less and they will manipulate the voting structure to favor their interests.  The Republican Party GOP moniker should really mean: "Grand Old Pricks."  It isn't who vote but who counts the votes.  And the problem with the whole voting process is that it is skewered to the wishes of the political class.  No voter chooses anything with the exception of his own fantasy.
     The Constitution of the United States of America is a cursed document; thus, it will always get bad results.  Any document that uses oath-taking is going to curse the people who use it.  In my own research, there have been at least 154 (plus or minus) wars since the inception of the constitution.  In the Anti-Federalist Papers, many writers felt the government would get too big and would bring about tyranny. These writings are real eye-openers and should be studied in order to get a more complete of the history of the government as it is constructed today. The idea of putting the government over the natural law is ludicrous and I think that no government would be better than what we have now.  It is always the governments that start the wars and not the people.  It is always the communists that start the trouble and not the public at large.
     And in the early 1970s, Richard Nixon gave Communist China most favored nation trade status, helping to destroy our job base seven further.  Under Republican Ronal Reagan, there were numerous people in the administration that were under indictment and massive income tax increases in 1986,
and of course, the Bush family was responsible for exploding the Middle East.  It was the Republican Party which helped to pass NAFTA which has been a horrific job destroyer.  In conclusion, the Republican Party is a grand piece of excrement that should be abolished and I don't think anyone should expect anything better.  Do not expect the immoral to become moral.  Don't expect the liars to tell the truth.  Don't expect the deceivers to be transparent.  Do not expect good things from an evil system.
     This gentleman who burned his Republican registration is not going to be the only one.  I did a similar thing by taking my name off the voting rolls back in 2002.  This should be a lesson to those who actually think that voting is a viable way of selecting their leaders.  Under a system like this, they are choosing their slave masters.  As this man said about the Republican Party: "You've had it, you're done, your toast...."

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. I got the same treatment as a member of the California democratic central committee when I brought up the need to remove the FED and reinstate Glass/Steagall. We even had a SWAT team with FBI agents show up in front of our home harassing the family. After an hour of threats and milling around they fined me for not having a dog licence. I wonder how many $1000s they spent on getting a $50 fine?

    Later they went to the schools my kids were attending and took them to the CPS offices and interrogated them for hours until they were balling. One was coerced to say that "daddy touched me". I suddenly was arrested and was facing 125 years in prison. The judge dropped the 7 of the 8 charges after we spent our life savings and took out a second mortgage to pay for this outrage. I had to do 6 months in jail and now nobody will touch me with a 10 foot pole.

    That's why honest people don't stay long in politics.

    1. Thanks for posting this. It just goes to show that the people have no control over the government. Your case is even worse than mine when I was a tax protester. It din't matter to them that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939. They just threw my ass in jail for 6 years for daring to ask the question: "What law do you show that establishes a tax liability on me?" Judge hid the evidence and I was done. The govtards are a nasty bunch of people. Trump is going to have his hands full by running. I understand his reason for running as he has stated, but to put up with the bullshit that comes with it isn't worth the price to himself or his family. If he has to run for office, he should do it as an independent.