Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Moral Order of the Natural Law

     One of the most compelling reasons for using the natural law is that there is no room for error.  While most of us have been guilty of violating the natural law, many of us have never considered the natural order nor have we been taught to use it.  Throughout my life, I have felt the inner part of me wanting to conform to this law but the peer pressure coming from mankind seemed to be overwhelming.  I have spent a lot of time on politics, government, and religion studying the various systems of government and worship, and none of them are very consistent.  They are usually very confusing and they are not worth the effort.  But from where does the government get its authority?
How does the government get its authority? And do these governments conform to the natural law? Does any government have the right to override the natural law?  Is there a moral order in the natural law?

Defining the natural law
     My understanding of the natural law is the truthful interpretation of the natural facts that exist and that can be observed or experienced.  We know that the air exists but we can't see it, but if we don't have it any longer, we'll all die within a few minutes.  We know that there is a force called gravity and if it was no longer in existence, life would be completely different from what we experience today.  Thus, the natural law is what it is and it cannot be altered.  It was established by the creator who most of us call God.

Moral order of natural law
     There is a moral order contained in the natural law and that moral order is the same for everyone.  The proper moral order can be known by using right reason and common sense.  We know it is wrong to commit murder, to lie, to cheat, and to steal because we can see the bad results of breaking the moral order.   We also have the latent knowledge of the moral order.  This knowledge is developed as we mature.  There seems to be a cause and effect to everything so it is important to understand the natural order and to stay within its boundaries.   By staying within the natural law,  anyone can live a successful  and happy life.

The government destroys the moral order
      I remember attending the hearing in a federal court a few years back and the judge said to a lady who was a Christian, and he said that there is "no moral component to this."   At first, I was taken aback but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this man was telling the truth.   The legal system itself exits out of the natural law and the natural order by virtue of the oath and it is the oath-taking that starts all of the other problems.   It is the governments who are threatening the civilize social order.   The governments through legislation instigate laws and regulations  but they really do not have any authority to do it.  In fact,  The only way a government could establish authority is through consent of the people and by staying within the natural order.   I don't know if any time in history where this has happened .
      While it is immoral to steal money from people who earned it the government does indeed steal money from people through taxes from their earnings; income tax.   If a group of people surround a man and demands fifty percent of his pay--is that not theft?  But if they say they are the government and make the same demands, isn't that action still  theft?  Either way, the action is a theft and it violates the natural order.  When govtards are asked for the liability for any law, they will always dodge the question.  I suppose the reason why they do this is because they know they have no authority.  The authority of government is delusional.
     Another example is the participation in a war.  If a man can be held for murder, why is it that participants in war are not?  All participants are murderers unless it is a case of self-defense.  A nation or a group of people should be able to defend themselves from invaders, but in most cases today, the targets of wars are in some cases thousands of miles away.  The reason for most wars today is to impose communism upon every group or nation on earth.  But the horror of war is indescribable.  While I've never been to war, I've met men who have and they tell me that I didn't miss anything.  They say is was the worst experience of their lives and they wish they had never participated in it.  Especially now, given the corrupt government that we have today.

Most people don't get the moral connection
     I am astounded at the fact that people don't ask themselves about the morality of an issue.  It is immoral to break the natural law, yet, the people are so stupid that they keep doing it over and over.  And they think that they will be saved by a new leader or president which is only going to be their new slave master.  All races are the niggers.  Remember, nigger means the economically, politically, and socially disenfranchised.  And our niggerhood has been put upon us all by the powers that shouldn't be.

Definition of nigger

  1. 1usually offensive; see usage paragraph below :  a black person
  2. 2usually offensive; see usage paragraph below :  a member of any dark-skinned race
  3. 3:  a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons nigger
s … all the people who feel left out of the political process — Ron Dellums>

  • It is frustrating to see otherwise intelligent people bowing down to the beast of the political system which is completely immoral.  And the reason is that these political systems are based upon slavery.  Communism is just an updated version of feudalism and the oath taking is the chain of slavery to the people.  If you like being a nigger, then keep swearing oaths.  Learn to say "Yes, Massa" while your at it.  I've written about the dangers of oath taking for over six years and it really doesn't seem to sink in with most people.  They are too busy trimming the leaves of the tree rather than digging down at the root.  Oath taking is an abomination and that is what is causing most of the worlds problems.  The oath is immoral and it causes more trouble that it is worth.  This is why secret societies like the Freemasons and other have the oath.  It is a conduit to Satanic activity.
  •      It is essential that the morality established by God for mankind is important to maintain or acquire if anyone wants a happy and successful life.  All of these oath takers will lead people to hell on earth and beyond.  The oath takers are slaves themselves and they are all doomed to failure.
         Remember, all religions seem to utilize the oath so it would be wise to just separate from them.  They serve no other purpose than to delude the minds of the "believers" even further.  By separating from these religions, the end result will be an improved life.  Things just get better by not swearing oaths or participating in rituals that use the oath.

         The moral order is within the natural law.  Most of us understand it because we were all born with the knowledge of it.  And this is why the conscience kicks in when we violate the natural law.  And there is no amount of drugs that can get rid of the pain of the conscience.  It is a lot easier to avoid the evil than to be continually persecuted by the conscience.
         I've written articles on oath taking and this is probably the most important evil that can be easily avoided.  It doesn't have to be difficult not to do evil.  Only a very ignorant and stupid man, woman, or child would swear any oaths.  Oaths violate the natural law which trashes the moral order.

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    Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


    1. Lol. Your logic is faulty. If moral order comes from natural law, why don't we see this is nature?

      Animals murder L, steal, cheat etc.

      You're confusing social laws to maintain a working society with what nature dictates. This is a fallacy of equivocation and an ad hoc.

      Not to mention you presuppose a god with out showing this being exists.

      1. Your logic is baseless. The Creator is perfect and His nature is just! He declared this God...Good. After the fall of man sin became man's alter nature and this is a violation of the natural law and the law of nature's God. Let that sink in.

    2. At least imbecile primate(stewpid money-key) is an honest drone. Honest in his lunacy. The mind control is ubiquitous. The past two generations are essentially communist workers.