Monday, May 21, 2018

Free Baby Holm: Part 11 Forever Terminated and Severed

On Janurary30th, 2018 Danielle and Christian Holm lost custody permanently after many attempts in seeking a remedy from the government.  The government kidnapped their child only 33 hours after he was born.  There was no abuse and there was no threat to the child.  The Holms did refuse the socialist insecurity number and the refused the vaccines.  The mental torture and strain of the legal system was so bad that they couldn't show up to the trial.  They knew it was going to be a farce.  Their lives have been threatened and they saw no reason to go to court.  The only real issue here is why did the government kidnap their child?

By what authority?
The government had no authority to take the child.  He was happy nursing on his mother's breast and the couple had every right under the natural law to refuse the SS# and the vaccines.  The vaccines seem to be causing 1 in 50 male children to come down with autism.  They had every right to be concerned about these vaccines.  However, the government wants to rule every aspect of everyone's lives.  The government is comprised of insane and psychopathic miscreants of the lowest order.  And this is a perfect example of why the governments of the world should be completely abolished.  I have the opinion that the whole concept of government is a very bad idea and it will lead to the complete destruction of mankind.

Under the natural law, the mother and father of the child have the authority of the baby until he comes of age.  Under the government, the mother, the father, and the baby are the property of the state and the state can make any judgment it wants because they have exclusive use of violence; and they use it.

Examples of good government
There is no point in history where I have seen an example of good government.  The governments are the ones that cause the destruction of a happy society because they are obsessed with telling everyone what to do and when to do it.  They start all the wars and they are making war on the family.  It appears that they are involved in child trafficking, selling body parts, engaging in cannibalism, and satanic ritual abuse.  Any group that calls itself a government is nothing more than a grand piece of shit that serves no value to anyone.  The government is of the Devil and there is no way to justify it under any circumstance.  The governments and religions of the world cause most of the problems and then come in with a "solution" which is yet another problem.

The court order
     The above photo is that of Bud Turner who was the judge in this case.  He was always manipulative and he covered the collective asses of the DHR and the kidnap.  This whole action was completely immoral and unjustified. The FBI was contacted both in Alabama and in Washington D.C. and not remedy was available to the Holms.  Looking at the machinations of the FBI today, we can see that they have severe credibility problems as does the whole government.
     Ever since I read this order it makes me physically ill and I am outraged that this can happen to anyone.  It is filled with lies and distortions to numerous to list here.  The whole issue has always been that the government of Alabama or  DHR kidnapped the child.  It was not any lawful action.  It was pure tyranny.  The Holm family has some different religious beliefs which I may or may not agree with but they did not deserve to lose their child.  The whole issue is that the DHR kidnapped the baby.  The order was to terminate parental rights; severed and the lives of this family have been destroyed forever.  There will be a special place in hell for people to kidnap and murder children and in this case, there will be no exception.
     If  believe that the government is engaged in child trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, cannibalism, sexual abuse, and the sale of body parts.  No family is safe from any of this because these jackasses do what they want until they are stopped.
     The effect of this on me has been profound.  I knew there was a problem with the child trafficking but I didn't realize how bad the situation is because it involves the government.  The government acts as a slave trader on many levels, but it is the trafficking of children that is such an abomination and it has to be stopped.  One of the best ways for parents to protect their children is to keep them away from the governments and the religions as they seem to be the primary source for this kind of slave trading.
Was the Holm baby murdered?
     One of the strangest things that happened in this case outside of the kidnap itself  is the fact that someone left a post on my blog stating that the Holm baby was murdered.  I'll post it here and I have no idea whether it is true.  The source of this comment is from a self-professed "witch" and I don't pay much attention to what a witch or sorcerer has to say.  However, once in awhile they disclose a truth.    >>
sprits of hell illuimanti gods witch says the fbi covered this case up they know who shot this baby the world should know the truth and if fbi tries to cover up any more humantrafficking childern being shipped to other cities or across the united states they need to be hung by the nearest tree and sent to deep deep hell cause i know the truth and we are humantrafficking fighters we fight against humantrafficking thugs who need to be sent to deep deep hell and be put in their grave denise greiff shot this child and it happened right down the street from me and i am sick to my stomach they cover up such a crime do your job right stop the corruption in the united states and all around the world<<
     This was posted in response to one of the articles that I had posted.  I do not know if this is true as I couldn't confirm anything.  But it creates a problem when people don't know the facts and this adds even more trauma on the mother and father. 

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