Sunday, January 24, 2016

Corporate Communism

     One of the reasons that Donald Trump is scoring so high in the polls is not only because of his immigration stand, but also about his stand on unfair trade agreements such as NAFTA, GATT, and
the WTO.

"Competition is a Sin"
     A communist like to control the means of production.  They do this by imposing unreasonable regulations and wage requirements, that it is almost impossible for domestic manufacturers to compete.  And that's the whole point and it's done on purpose.  Large companies don't like competition so they make it almost impossible for competitors to be a part of the market.  These large communist-style corporations then take their factories offshore or to Mexico and Canada where the labor is less expensive.  This is how the middle-class workers are getting screwed by corporations that should be loyal to the people who helped build the company's products.

The Ford Motor Company
     Trump said that he would impose a 35% tariff on the sale of any car that comes into the United States.  That might be a temporary solution, but it would also be a good incentive to force the company to produce their products domestically.
     The Mexican auto worker earns about $26.00 per day and the average domestic autoworker gets
around $440.00 per day.  (Domestic wages are in two-tier categories so I used an average of $55.00 per hour.)  It doesn't take a quantum theory scientist to figure out that the price advantage is to manufacture in Mexico.  Trump says that Ford is planning a 2 billion dollar factory in Mexico, and many more American workers will be losing their jobs.  This is communism-gone-wild.  And it has been going on for a long time.

Republican Claptrap
     The leaders of the Republican Party are complicit within this communist system.  They cooperated with Bill Clinton when NAFTA was being passed.  The end result was the loss of over 40000 factories and 5-7 million jobs.  But, really, good jobs are overrated when one can just suck off of the government titty.  These trade agreements have helped financially destroy middle-class workers which ultimately unravels because of financial hardship. The republicans are just as bad as the democrats and any man who tries to correct the problem gets media-bashed or assassinated.  

Rush Limbaugh is a socialist masquerading as a "conservative" a.k.a neo-con
     Limbaugh (Jim Morrison?) had supported NAFTA to the chagrin of many conservatives.  At the time, we couldn't believe Limbaugh would support something so stupid.  He is a classic example of saying one thing and doing another.  Many other conservative talk show hosts supported NAFTA.  The only one who didn't support it (that I know of) was Michael Savage.  But again, Republicans are losers and they never were worth much.  They are a bunch of limp-wristed back-stabbers who support the communist agenda.  Trump's opposition to unfair trade agreements cuts to the heart of every American worker and he has freaked out the Republican establishment.  An economy prospers when everyone has the opportunity to work and support their families.  These trade agreements take that away and the American workers know it.  This is why Trump is getting strong support.

Government has no skills
     When a government is run by a bunch of communist pigs, the end result is what we have now.  Commietards have no skills  unless you think lying, murder, kidnapping, gunrunning, drug peddling, and a corrupted legal system are skills.  If Trump wants to be President, there would at the very least, be someone with the business skills to improve the life of the American worker.  The communist punks bullshit the public into thinking they are helping the American worker, but in reality, are giving them the shaft.

Is Donald Trump the real deal?
     I would like to take the man for his word but I do so with caution.  I'm worried that he'll do a "Ross Perot" and bail out of the election at the last minute. But, I judge a man by his actions, and Trump gets things done.  But my concern is this: How is he going to build another Trump Tower out of a toilet which is the government?  If anyone can pull it off, it would be Trump.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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