Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Shaving Queer?

I've been working on a new book on the natural law and I've been wondering how the masculinity of men has been attacked by the evil people.  I have had a full beard for about nine years, and the reaction to it was outrageous if not comical.  Fortunately, the beard is making a comeback and I don't take as much crap for it as in the past.  However, I'm thinking that the routine shaving of the face must have started in the pagan religions, as shaving was considered a mourning ritual.  I am of the opinion that the shaving of body hair; including the beard, is queer and effeminate.  And that the attack on a man's masculinity is the shaving of his beard.  Shaving the beard is as cutting off a man's
testicles.  It appears that the feminist movement was around long before modern times.  Shaving the beard was the first step in making men looking more like women.  I'm going to use the natural law as my foundation for truth and discuss the advantages of the beard and the reasons why I think it is queer to shave the face.

The beard is a natural part of a man's body

All men were created with the ability to grow a beard.  The beard is a natural part of the body and it serves a purpose.  To shave the beard means that the one doing it doesn't like or doesn't realize that his beard is the sign of his masculinity.  In my opinion, the shaving of any body hair (with the exception for medical reasons) denies the respect of the man for God's creation.  If a man is born with the ability to grow a beard, then it would serve him well not to shave it.  Truly, given the fact that men get pushed around by women or feminists, it is no wonder because they look like girls with the shaved face.  A full beard shows that the man wearing it is not a girly-faced effeminate, but that he is a man who is ready to accept his place in the world as a man.  The beard gives the man more respect from other people.  

Blind acceptance of shaving

I had a shaved face up until Sept 6th, 2006.  I was 58 years old when I decided to grow a beard.  I had decided that in order to live a better life, I would try to learn how to live according to the commandments which conform to the natural law.  At the time, I was also reading a writing from Clement of Alexandria Book Three which spoke of the horrors of shaving.  He called shaving "womanly" and "effeminate."  But when I was a young man, I took up shaving just like everyone else.  It was almost impossible to get a decent job wearing a beard.  So, most of us shaved our faces to be nice compliant slaves to serve the purposes of the corporate agenda.  By destroying the beard, most men have compromised their whole lives not realizing the power that the beard carries.

Power of the beard

It has been my experience that the beard gives a man an extra edge in terms of power and confidence. If you look at most of the world's political and religious leaders, few have beards. Most men have the shaved face.  The absence of the beard shows an attitude of submission.  That the man is not his own as God intended, but he has lowered himself to be submissive to the unnatural order of shaving.  I believe that this was the first step toward the emasculating of men by shaving of the beard.  It was the feminists first "shot across the bow" to guide men toward effeminacy.   And look at the world's religious "leaders"; they don't have a beard.  Neither, the pope, Naytonyahoo nor Obama have beards.  The reason for this is that they are submissive to the ones who control them.  All claim to be Jews, Christians, or Muslims, but the fact is they don't obey their own religious writings.  The meaning of having a shaved face is more sinister than I first thought.  It shows that these men have little regard for God's laws or the natural law. In my opinion, the absence of a beard proves a submissiveness to evil.  This is why men get pushed around so much.  There is a natural bad reaction to the shaved face. Women will naturally push a man around with a shaved face.  

Beard is a bimbo filter

I laughed when I heard a man say that his beard is a bimbo filter.  He went on to say that the women that don't like his beard are not going to be the type of woman he would want.  It turns out that my ex-wife said that I look like a "frumpy old hobo" and that if I wanted to be friends with her I would need to be shaved.  Look at what happened.  If I had a beard at the beginning of our relationship, I never would have married her.  Now, my beard keeps me out of a lot of troubles.  Few women like my beard, and that's just fine with me.  Some do like it, but dating at my age is not something I want to do.  But if I were to date women again, I would only want the woman who liked the beard.  Because I would have a better chance of getting a real woman.  The real woman would compliment the man with a beard.

The beard is a big advantage

The beard gives the man an advantage over the girly-faced man.  I'm trying to figure out a percentage, but that's probably impossible.  But I do know that things do go better for me in everything that I do.  Even when things go wrong, it is not a complete disaster.  Many men who play professional sports realize the power of the beard as it gives them a slight edge.  I have observed that when there is a match or contest with men of similar skills, the guy with the beard usually wins.

Is shaving queer?

If the beard is a symbol of masculinity, then yes, shaving is queer.  And it is the first step toward being run over by feminists.  Shaving is the first step toward homosexuality for a man. I would think that shaving opens a man up to be a homo.  But the most important thing is that it is an act of submission to the power of other men.  This is why we have such things as the "new world order."  How is a bunch of girly-faced men going to fight evil people?  How can they hold their moral ground with a face that's womanly?  The beard is a part of the natural order that should be respected.  I think it is a dishonor to the God who created us, to shave the face.

Remember the story of Samson.  He cut his hair and his beard--suffering horribly for it.  Even today, there are always those who would love nothing more than to cut off a man's beard.  Why?  Because that beard is a symbol of power and masculinity.  The beard is a part of nature that is assigned to men and it is best left alone--unfettered by social "norms."

Using the natural law and the natural order

I have found that when I make a decision as in the discussion here, that I always have a good outcome when I follow the natural order.  Mankind, created with a free-will  naturally has the option to do evil, which in turn produces bad results.  God produced the rules of the natural order so it serves our best interest to stay within that order.  This is the way to get good results.  Cutting the beard diminishes the power of a man.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Amen, brother.

  2. You must not know a living, breathing gay guy. Being one, everyone I know values being a masculine and would minimizes interactions with the razor. Just because one is gay does not indicate effeminacy, and stereotypes suck.

    I in particular have been dismayed by the wussification of the straight man. These guys have become asshole narcissists over the last 10 years or so and you continue to rip on us? Really?

  3. Your irrational and furious hate for pagans is truly hilarious.
    You don’t like shaving because pagans invented it? Well, than my friend, you can right off jump of the cliff, because our entire western civilization is based upon ancient philosophy, invented by philosophers, who were pagans. Or any cvilization for that matter.
    While we’re at it, „clif“ is word invented by pagans, as any human language is. Exception, might be current Slavic azbuka, which was invented by a priest, but still uses slavic pagan languages.
    Or word hero or music, are derieved from „musée“ or „hero“ which are pagan words.

    Outside of languages, our technology, literature, science and overal knowledge or values stem from pagan sociities of the past. Hell, TIME MEASUREMENT AND GREGORIAN CALENDAR….are all in the nature, coming from pagans!
    And don’t get me started on how much Jews plagiarized pagan religion.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like paganism, don’t worship ir or practice it.
    But saying you hate something,just because person of a different faith was involved is shosighted and immature. Ancient Jews and gentiles were also pagans before and God didn’t kill them.
    Hell, Mohemmed’s family was mostly paganic, yet he still loved them.

  4. All the negative commenters are lesser men who have castrated their secondary sex symbols. They are cucks. Beards rule. We will destroy the razors.

  5. I agree. I don't think God gave men beards just so they'd have something to do every day by shaving....and I'm pretty sure that he knew there wouldn't be any Gillette Razors or Harry's until 1900.